Karane's Corner
(Just booted up OoT for GC for the first time in awhile. This is what I found.)

(Just booted up OoT for GC for the first time in awhile. This is what I found.)

I was a God once.

I was a God once.

me: you should feed me
me: and be naked
me: while you feed me
boyfriend: no
me: to which part
boyfriend: to the naked part
me: oh

(boyfriend just called my gamecube controller old-fashioned

not sure how i feel)

boyfriend: [walking around in the dark]
boyfriend: [walks past lanterns]
me: ...
me: kyle
boyfriend: what
me: go back
boyfriend: [goes back to lanterns]
me: ... pick it up.
boyfriend: [picks it up]
boyfriend: ...
boyfriend: leave me alone
boyfriend: the house is locked
boyfriend: i have an idea let's throw a rock at the house
boyfriend: four rocks
me: when you have them in a line or in a square, they swing. but if they're just derping around, they don't swing.
boyfriend: [forms his Links into a square]
boyfriend: let's mow the lawn
boyfriend: [spends 5 minutes chopping down all the grass in the area before proceeding]

(I got Boyfriend to play Four Swords Adventures while I work on my contest entry.

I am excite. He’s going to play Ocarina of Time next. I’m having him play FSA first to have him ease into the series. c:)

Reblog if you have mourned the death of a fictional character.




If you do not reblog this you are in fact lying.

I’ve cried a thousand tears!

(Sobbed uncontrollably during most of ME3 because of reasons.)

(Holy hell. I have been neglecting the shit out of Karane, good lord. My Karane!Muse has been… less than inspired lately.

And apparently people really like that Ponies gif.

I needed some Zelda inspiration for an art contest, so I thought I’d hop back on and see what damage I could do here, heheh.

Anybody miss me? :3)